About Regen Ortho Spine & Pain

Dr. Suresh Krishnan is triple board-certified and has over 37 years of experience in the field of medicine, including 20 years as an Interventional Pain Specialist. He underwent Anesthesiology training at New York–Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Weil Cornell College of Medicine –an Ivy League medical school. He then went to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee for further training in pain management. He also underwent fellowship training in Pain Management at the prestigious Northwestern University of Chicago Illinois. At Northwestern University he became proficient in various pain management techniques under Dr. Benzon, who is one of the icons in the field of Pain management.

Dr. Krishnan has the rare designation of being board-certified in three different medical fields, including Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine, and Ear Nose Throat Surgery. He has served as a Medical Director and Chief Anesthesiologist at Guam Surgery Center.

Dr. Krishnan is proficient in performing epidural steroid injections, Facet nerve blocks, Radiofrequency ablations, Joint injections, Placement of Spinal cord stimulators and Intrathecal pain pumps. He is also proficient in Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty. He has performed Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression, Disc decompression, Vertiflex, Nucleoplasty, Stimwave, Stim router and other advanced pain management procedures to help people in pain to lead almost a normal life. Botox for migraine treatment is one among the many techniques used for treatment of Headaches. At Interventional Pain Care every patient is treated according to their individual needs. The patient is given a comprehensive evaluation and a plan of care is established. Our team is proficient in finding the best solution for the patient’s problems. We also make use of other modalities of pain management such as physical therapy and bio-feedback therapy.

Dr. Krishnan has been trained by Regenexx a premier institution in the field of Regenerative Medicine. This involves the use of platelet rich plasma, A2M, super concentrated platelets stem cells from patient’s own body. The benefit of this treatment is backed by extensive research and publications by Regenexx. This therapy would help patients with joint pain, neck and back pain, spinal instability, joint instability, nerve entrapment. The training as an Interventional Pain Therapist and Regenerative medicine specialist is a marriage between the most ideal fields to help patients in pain.

As our practice grows, we continue to evolve our offerings, ensuring our patients have access to the right treatment and the best possible care. Now and in the future, we’re focused on helping patients conquer pain and move forward

Pain Care Specialists

We are dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive care using the most advanced, minimally invasive techniques available. Our holistic approach is based on a three-pronged philosophy: that optimal pain care is achieved when a specialist addresses the physical, social and psychological needs of a patient. By treating the whole person, we are more likely to bring about real, lasting relief.

Our specialists embody this philosophy by offering each patient a personalized strategy for care. After a thorough evaluation, an individualized treatment plan will be prepared for the patient that may involve a specific procedure or a combination of therapies to achieve pain relief.